Charismatic Group "Followers of Christ"

Our prayer group began in 1982. There were five brothers only. At a first time they did not have a place where to gather to pray. Soon after and with the help of Our Lady of Sorrows' pastor, the Chandelier Room became the place of gathering every week. The group was growing up and very soon it was incorporated to the Charismatic Renewal of the Archdiocese of Washington. Currently we are more than 75 brothers and sisters gathering every Friday from 7 to 9 pm. We begin by praying the Holy Rosary including praises, prayers, teachings and at the end a sharing with all the brethren. We haven't grown only in numbers but also in faith. We are witness of many miracles, healing and conversions throughout these 35 years of existence.

The Charismatic Renewal as a movement within the Catholic Church has been acknowledged by two Popes, Paul VI and John Paul II. Speaking to the International Conference on the Catholic Charismatic Renewal on May 19, 1975, Pope Paul VI encouraged the attendees in their renewal efforts and especially to remain anchored in the Church.

This authentic desire to situate yourselves in the Church is the authentic sign of the action of the Holy Spirit ... How could this 'spiritual renewal' not be a chance for the Church and the world? And how, in this case could one not take all the means to ensure that it remains so...

Pope John Paul II, for his part, has been more explicit.  Speaking to a group of international leaders of the Renewal on December 11, 1979, he said,

I am convinced that this movement is a very important component of the entire renewal of the Church.